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References 2011

Client Reference

01: Gutsav X 01 Pax (Sweden).
Kathmandu-Pokhara 03 Jan 2011.

Comments: I can recommend Gyan karki and Adventure Treks Nepal highly. They are very reliable and give an individual and personal service. I felt they were very concerns about giving me a pleasant holiday. They are skilful and experienced, I will use this firm next time going back.

02: Gabor X 01 Pax (Sweden).
Kathmandu-Pokhara 22 Feb 2011.

Comments: Namaste!

Gabor X 01 Pax (Sweden)I just want to express my gratitude for providing me all service, help, knowledge and great friendship to be able fulfill LifePort's donation tour to the mountain villages in Takshar and Kalimati and Hemja. Gyan is 100 % flexible and solution oriented to give me the best help and experience possible during these two weeks.

Without his knowledge about Nepal this trip wouldn't had been possible to conduct within such a short time notice and on the spot help and planning. I've know Gyan and Adventure Trekk for about 10 years and we have done different trips every time even into Tibet and they have never failed deliver a nice and memorable journey for me and my family. With no hesitation I would recommend them for your trip i Nepal and Tibet.
Gabor Kovacs Jr, Sweden March 2011.

03: Dr.Boijsen X 05 Pax (Sweden).
Kathmandu-Palpa 25 Feb 2011.

Comments: Dear Adventure Treks Nepal,

Thank you all for making our Nepal & Tibet trip with a lovely experience. Everyone was so friendly, courteous, helpful and professional. The care & attention given to us very nicely.

From the moment we arrived in Kathmandu to the minute we left Kathmandu at the end of our trip, we were extremely well looked after and would highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal to anyone considering visiting Nepal.

04: Mr. Bo Hultberg X 02 Pax (Sweden).
Kathmandu-Pokhara-Bhutan 02 March 2011.

Mr. Bo Hultberg X 02 Pax (Sweden)Comments: Thank you so much for all the good attention and care of the agency in arranging the trip. The guide was so helpful and all the prompt response to our emails was most excellent. We had a wonderful time.






05: Thomas X 03 Pax (Uk+Slovakia).
Everest Base Camp Trekking 07 March 2011.

Comments: This Everest Base Camp trip was a very well organized professional trek. Extremely impressed by the organisation of the trek and quality of service. The staff were very helpful Knowlegeble and friendly, they were very attendant to our needs. We will be recommending Adventure Treks Nepal.

06: Nicola X 02 Pax (UK).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 08 March 2011.

Nicola X 02 Pax (UK)Comments: "We have just returned from an amazing trip to Nepal which included a 10 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp with Gyanendra and his colleague Khim, who acted as the porter.

It was clear from the outset that Gyanendra would do his utmost to ensure that the trek met our expectations in all respects. When we wanted to modify the itinerary slightly by walking further on some days, this was no problem and the same applied when we wanted to spend more time in the vertiginous and enchanting village of Chomrung to take in the scenery and daily life of the local people.

was always happy to provide background information and history to the places visited and went out of his way to arrange the best accommodation and dining options for us.

We would also like to mention that Khim was an excellent and very charming porter, who was always willing to help and polite with a smile at all times. We feel that his understanding of English is much better that he believes and would admit to - with a little more time and some studying, his spoken English would clearly improve dramatically.

When we completed the trek, Gyanendra presented us with a hand-written account of all the places visited on the trek which is a fantastic souvenir.

This was a truely memorable trip with spectacular scenery and unforgettable in many respects!"

I would also like to say thank you again for my birthday presents.

All the best to you and Khim for the rest of 2011.

Bye for now

Nicola & Richard.

07: Monica X 02 Pax (sweden).
Trisuli River Rafting + Chitwan National park. 15 April 2011.

Monica X 02 Pax (sweden)Comments: It is with this letter that we highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal and all its employees.

First of all, every request forwarded in advance of our arrival was taken into account in the final programme received on arrival at Delhi airport. During the trip it turned out to be no problem to make minor changes to the program.

On the subject of Cultural Tours/Buddhist Tour, professional expertise was arranged which gave an extra touch of quality to the programme. We have to complement Mr.Gyan Karki on the choice of guide, whose knowledge of country, culture and people by far exceeded our expectations. Most important thought is his sense of humor and understanding the needs of his guests, making the perfect match.

His language skills are superb.

The quality of the driver was in every respect good. Safe driving and awareness to the comfort of his passengers were his top priorities. Availability of the car was always good.

Coordination between guide and driver was good, showing team work.

Choice of accommodation was Very good and tasteful, including some very nice hotel.

General Service was also good and all special wishes were granted.

Therefore we highly recommend "Adventure Treks Nepal" yo any traveler looking for a high level of comfort and quality.

08:Paul X 04 Pax (Australia).
Chitwan National park 17April 2011.

Comments: We can recommend Gyan karki and his Firm highly. They are very reliable and give an individual and personal service. We felt they were very concerns about giving us a pleasant holiday. They are skilful and experienced, We will use this firmu next time going back.

09: Tania X 07 Pax (Portugal).
Glimpse Of Everest Trekking 08 April 2011.

Tania X 07 Pax (Portugal)Comments: We all enjoyed very much our time with you in Nepal, the trekking was wonderfull and certainly exceded our expectations.

Adventure Treks Nepal made a demanding trek in the highest mountais in the world a little bit easier. Little details matter. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Adventure Treks Nepal fez uma dura caminhada na mais alta cordilheira do mundo um pouco mais facil. Os pequenos detalhes contam. Obrigado pelos momentos maravilhosos.

Best regards,
Tania, Hugo, Silvia, Luis Ferreirinha, Carla Dias, Luis Neves, Alexandra Carmo

10: Mr Mats & Mrs Ulla X 02 Pax (Sweden).
Cultural Tour Kathmandu-Pokhara-Nagarkot 22 April 2011.

Mr Mats & Mrs Ulla X 02 Pax (Sweden)Comments: During our 5-day visit to Nepal in April this year we had the pleasure of benefitting from the guiding services of Mr. Gyanendra Karki for three of these days. He is an excellent guide with some very attractive characteristics of which I will expand below:

Punctuality: We could always trust that Gyanendra would appear well in advance of the agreed meeting time.

Resourcefulness: If anything unexpected had occurred Gyanendra had a solution to solve the problem, an example was the general transport strike in Kathmandu when we returned from Pokhara. No problem, Gyanendra knew how to organize our transport with a minimum of delay and inconvenience.

Language knowledge: Gyanendra is in good command of English and was easy to understand.

Good humour: Gyanendra was always ready to a joke and a laugh.

No problem: We gave Gyanendra the nick name Mr. No Problem since that was his habitual reply to any of our questions on foreseen difficulties. And then he suggested a solution which proved him right.

Historical knowledge: During our walks in Kathmandu and Bakhtapur we often stopped and listened to a lecture on the historical background of what we could see. Those lectures gave us a good understanding of the current situation in Nepal.

Strängnäs 3 June 2011
Mats and Ulla-Britt Lörstad

11: Richardson X 02 Pax (UK).
Langtang ValleyTrekking 10 April 2011.

Comments: Our trek to Langtang Valley, was outstanding in every respect. Adventure Treks Nepal's organisational abilities, medical knowledge, people skills, and attention to detail backed up by years of leadership experience ensured the success of the trek, and the subtle but watchful eye he kept on our individual health and on camp hygiene was reassuring. We can without reservation recommend him as a guide (Sangam) and trek leader and don't doubt that others will find as we did that his combination of professionalism and friendliness virtually guarantees a great experience.

12: Katherine X 03 Pax (USA).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 11 April 2011.

Comments: One of the toughest things about booking online is knowing whether what you see on the website is actually going to exist when you get there. Parting with your money can therefore be nerve-racking, but I can assure you that this company is a well-established one, run by excellent staff. We went on a two-week trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal and were pleasantly surprised to have new equipment, enough food to feed the five thousand, good-humoured porters who were not going to abandon us when the weather got nasty, and a guide who clearly knew the area with which he was dealing. Gyan, the boss in Kathmandu, is instrumental to this service and we found ourserves relying on his know-how even after our trek as he's readily available on email and Messenger! He will always give you a straight answer too, which I believe is best. Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me with any questions, feel free.

Namaste !

13: David X 04 Pax (UK).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 20 April 2011.

Comments: Our party of 04 visited Nepal for the first time in April 2011 to trek for 2 weeks and what an amazing adventure we had. We were very fortunate to have been recommended a great guide Bhuwan. Adventure Treks Nepal, helped us plan our trek around both the Annapurna (Base Camp) Sanctuary which we completed with great success. The advice and help given during both our email communications and once we arrived in Nepal was super, he understood our requirements and needs and carried them out professionally, effectively and efficiently. From the time he met us at the airport and transfered to the Hotelto the time he waved goodbye to us at the end of the trip, full of Nepalese Magic , that is already drawing us back, his care for us during our time in Nepal and for both us and his staff whilst on the trek plus his extensive knowledge and experience enabled us to have a brilliant trip. I highly recommend Gyan, Bhuwan & Adventure Treks Nepal for anyone.

14: Tina X 06 Pax (Sweden).
Cultural Tour Kathmandu-Nagarkot-Overland Tibet Tour. 18 April 2011.

Comments: Getting in contact with Gyan Karki and his team of excellent guides was the best thing that could happen to us. Being a group of 6 on a two-week-trip to Nepal and Tibet, we enjoyed the expertise of Adventure Treks Nepal. During our stay in the Himalayas we experienced the fascinating indescribable nature as well as the major sights of the world heritage e.g. the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur and the marvellous Bodhnath. The inspiring thought that remains is that we have been on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Travelling in the secure company of Gyan Karki and his team made us feel enriched to say the least and now... we just want to go back to Nepal and Tibet ! THANK YOU !

15: Mr Nick X 01 Pax (UK).
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 02 March 2011.

Mr Nick X 01 Pax (UK).Comments: The trip was really enjoyable ! Adventure Treks Nepal was excellent, and the guide and porter were great. Everything exceeded our expectations, and of course, we'll recommend this company to all our friends and upcoming travelers in Nepal. Gyan was honest, helpful, and very knowledgeable. We hope to come back to Nepal and our choice will be the same.






16: Mr Jonathan X 02 Pax (UK).
Everest Base camp Trekking 20 May 2011.

Comments: We had never been to Nepal before or indeed done any trekking. We can honestly say that this was the best holiday ever, and that it was made better by Adventure Treks Nepal. The guids, porter, accommodation and food were wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a better guide in Khim, his professionalism and knowledge was outstanding.


17: Wildgunabana / Mr Islam X 01 Pax (Egypt).
Ghorepani Trekking + Bhotekoshi Rafting 15 May 2011.

Comments:I have just returned from Nepal back to the Country and want to thank you for organising my holiday when I were in Nepal. You made sure that everything was taken care of and my holiday ran smoothly.

I will be recommending for everyone Adventure Treks Nepal.


18: Ms Camilla + johana X 02 Pax (Sweden).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 09 May 2011.

Comments: We have had the joy to join a two weeks trek around the Annapurna Base Camp with Adventure Treks Nepal. We are very happy about our decision to arrange the trip through Adventure Treks Nepal. All arrangements have been very good and professional. From the beginning to the end we have gotten very good and accurate information and friendly service. After comparing our experiences with people who either arranged their treks by themselves or hired other agencies, we feel that we got the best out of our trip much thanks to the manager and our guides at Adventure Treks Nepal. We felt secure and our guide made sure we used our time wisely so that we did not waste any time but got most our of our time in the wonderful Himalayas. We want to thank Kjell for his kind help preparing the trip from Sweden and Gyan, Gyanendra and Khim for the great time together. Thank you for everything you have done that made our Annapurna circuit trek to a great memory! We are looking forward seeing you again some time in the future.

Camilla and Johanna, Sweden

About Gyanendra och Khim: We feel very happy and fortunate to have had Gyanendra and Khim as our guide and porter. They both did a very good job to support us, cheer us up (when our legs were tired) and create a wonderful atmosphere at our trek. Gyanendra was a very special guide, always with a big smile, he has a deep knowledge about the history, region and culture, he was always very attentive to our wishes and tried his very best to make the arrangement to fulfill our hopes and expectations. He truly cared for us both in a professional and personal way. The support we got from him was exceptional. We also enjoyed that Gyanendra could guide us both in Kathmandu and on the trek. He was very flexible to organize our visits in an interesting way. We also liked our porter, Khim very much. Khim had a never-ending patience with carrying our luggage always with a big smile and we (and our backs!) were very happy that he was with us. We also appreciated the good contact and friendship between Gyanandra and Khim, a genuine friendship that also increased the joy on our trek. To sum up, with Gyanandra and Kim, we could not have had better company with us on our trek in Nepal!

If our friends would go to Nepal, we would definitely recommend them to chose Gyanendra & Khim.

19: Ms kuo Yun Chen X 01 Pax (Taiwan).
Gokyo-Chola pass-Everest Base Camp Trekking 16 May 2011.

Ms kuo Yun Chen X 01 Pax (Taiwan)Comments:
I went solo to Lukla on 17th May 2011. My deep breath trek to Everest Base Camp including ascending the summit of Kala Patthar and crossing the Chola pass to Gokyo lakes.

En route I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the pretty flora, mini precious plants, gratifying fresh air with bright blue sky and listen to the birds singing the wind rustle through my face, in the quiet earth... enjoy the simple..... for me 'here' is a true diamond on the earth. I love this country from deep in my heart.

Thank you very much to you Mr Gyan B. Karki and your team. Thanks in deep.

And thanks to Gyanendra for your helping on my Gokyo trek last year Oct. 2010, thank you.

??????Gyan B. Karki ?????, ???????????, ????!!

zhen. ??? from Taiwan ?? 7 15, 2011

????, photo by ?? from the summit of Kala Patthar.

20: Mr panwar X 01 Pax (India).
Everest Base camp Trekking 30 May 2011.

Comments: Everest Base Camp with Adventure Treks Nepal was my life time achievement. Mountains were incredible, I was so scared about acute mountain sickness and I was nervous to climb the Throngla pass but we did it and I am so happy about this achievment !! Sangam was an excellent guide. All the people we met along the journey were so wonderful and welcoming to us. We love the neplease people ! The people and the scenery - all so good. "

21: Mr Michal X 01 Pax (France).
Everest Base camp Trekking 03 June 2011.


Comments: I wanted a challenge and that's exactly what I that was tailored to my needs! My guide did a sterling job getting me all the way to Everest base camp - having filled me with numerous mo-mos! My porter running ahead to secure my night's accommodation. An amazing trip , that made trekking to EBC and Kalapattar a huge accomplishment ! A great Thanks for Adventure Treks Nepal, Thank you for making my experience an awesome one !

22: Mr Bengana X 01 Pax (France).
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking 07 July 2011.

Comments: Dear Adventure Treks Nepal,

Mr Bengana X 01 Pax (France)06 days Ghorepani Poon hill Trekking trip in Nepal was fantastic in my memory. I felt so grateful that I met Adventure Treks Nepal. The Guide Gyanendra always smile and warm- hearted treatment left a deep impression on me. Nepal is an amazing place. Within one country, I can experience the culture heritage, the natural beauty, the forests and what's the most important, the so kind people with pure soul. Back almost half a year, the beauty and people still come to my dream. The flexible arrangement offered by Adventure Treks Nepal was just fitting into my choices and it treated me like friends which make me feel at home. I believe I will come back again!

Bengana, France.

23: Ms Karina X 02 Pax (Brazil).
Nepal & Bhutan Tour 12 July 2011.

Ms Karina X 02 Pax (Brazil)Comments: It was really nice tour with Adventure Treks Nepal. We are rally impressed with your services & your self. You are such a nice guy. I ever meet. It was a nice time when we are in Bhutan, Pokhara, Chitwan & Nagarkot with Guides. We are remembering these days.



24: Ms Ema X 02 Pax (Spanish).
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking 05 Aug 2011.

Ms Ema X 02 Pax (Spanish)
Namate Gyanendra!!!
how are you?!

first of all, we would like to thank you a lot for all you did for us in our tryp in Nepal! the experience was gorgeous and we really enjoyed too much with you in the mountains...believe or not, we are looking forward to coming back again there and doing a more exciting trekking (if that is possible)!

the days after trekking went very good too. the budism course was really fantastic, yes, we did those "extrange" exercices you saw throught the window that day. both in the morning and afternoon.... (Africa thinks yoga was fantastic but myself not that much....a bit boring though.....). however the lessson about budism and meditation really worthed it: learn other ways of thinking are always positive!

we went to Chitwan national park afterwards: not a lot of rains (some but not a lot leeches around....THANKS GOD!!!!..JAJAJAJAJJAJAA!!) so we had the opportunity to see some animals such rhinos or deers. the resort in which we stayed was very good, nice people and enjoable activities! FANTASTIC!....

as you mentioned we finisihed our tryp in Kathmandu valley but not trekking at all. this is why we didint contact you again. we travelled by bus to Bothna, Backtapur, Naghakort and finally the capital. that was done in just 4 days!...amazing!
we both had brought good memories from your country, and specially from your services and company. it is for sure we will recommed to any one to visit Nepal and if so, work with your agency.

and what about you? are you doing more trekks in those days?
we hope you are doing good, and your family and doughter does well too!
muchos besos from Spain and thanks a lot!!!!

Africa & Emma

25: Mr Franco X 05 Pax (Italy).
Nepal & India Tour 07 Aug 2011.

Comments: It has been a very intensive & Interesting tour. We have seen everything we wanted sonsedering. The total time we had our time in Nepal & India has been very patient, friendly with a deep Knowledge of History & culture of the Country. We are totally satisfied and we hope we will come back to Nepal next time.

Franco & Group.

26: Wildgunabana / Ms Karima May Hawa Boustany X 01 Pax (Labanan).
Everest Base camp with chitwan National park. 17 Aug 2011.

Comments: The perfect tour for those who don't want the hassle of having to research and plan the route to base camp. Quality of the tea houses vary, but generally they were much better than I expected and more than comfortable. Guide were friendly and alway made sure the pace was suitable for everyone. I would recommend not scrimping on yor first aid supplies as if (when) altitude sickness or another illness strikes you are more or less on your own. The sights are incredible at every stage of the walk and the sense of achievement upon reaching base camp was unforgettable. Highly recommend this company if heading to Nepal.


27: Mr Bianchi X 02 Pax (Italy).
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking 25 Aug 2011.

Mr Bianchi X 02 Pax (Italy).Comments: My friend and I made the Ghorepani Trek with Adventure Trek in Nepal. We suggest everyone to contact them to plan the trip in Nepal, they are very professional and helpful. Our guide was Gyanendra, he is very professional and expert, he answered in a comprehensive way to all the questions we asked him. He helped step by step to choose all the option to get our trek as we really want. Ih those days he became a friend not only a guide. Our idea is to come back to Nepal and to contact once again Gyanendra and Adventure Trek in Nepal.

Io e il mio amico abbiamo fatto il Trek del Ghorepani con Adventure Trek in Nepal. Consiglio a tutti di contattare Adventure Trek Nepal per pianificare il viaggio in Nepal, loro sono molto professionali e disponibili. La nostra guida era Gyanendra,molto professionale ed esperto, ha risposto in modo esaustivo a tutte le informazioni che gli abbiamo chiesto. Ci ha aiutato passo dopo passo a scegliere le migliori opzioni per avere un trekking su mirura. E' diventato un amico, non solo una guida. La nostra idea e quella di tornare in Nepal e di contattare ancora una volta, Gyanendra e Avventura Trek in Nepal.


28: Ms Cecilia Karin X 01 Pax (Sweden).
Kathmandu Pokhara 29 Aug 2011.

Comments: Thank for Adventure Treks Nepal good planning my stay in Nepal. Awesome an experience and guide Gyan gave us any kind of support during my stay in Nepal.

29: Mr Andrew X 05 Pax (Canada, USA).
Everest Base camp Trekking 17 Sep 2011.

Comments: Adventure Treks Nepal and Mr. Bhuwan really made us feel like part of a family. They got us everything we needed and really helped us on our trek. We enjoyed every minute with them. The meals during the trek were basic but acceptable. It was nice to stay in lodges. Most of the lodge owners and staff were friendly and helpful. The itinerary was great- very flexible and totally dependant on what our group wanted orneeded to do."

Andrew, Samuel, Dan, Sara & Mike

30: Mr Manuel X 05 Pax (Germany, Czech, Australia).
Everest Base camp Trekking 23 Sep 2011.

Comments: "Adventure Treks Nepal & Khim Bdr Rana were fantastic. Our trekguide and Porters were all very good. We very much appreciate all your efforts. Meals during the trek were excellent, considering the remoteness. Dingboche was fantastic. We suggest you to encourage trekkers to take an extra day to visit. We also suggest you use Family Hotel there - very nice."

Manuel, Katie, Brent, Ondrej and Michaela.

31: Mr Arne X 02 Pax (Germany).
Classic Annapurna with Chitwan National Park. 24 Sep June 2011.

Comments: We had a really great time on our Classic Annapurna Trekking with Chitwan National Park trip and thought that our guide Sangam was very responsible, organised and took great care to keep us in good health. He made sure that we paced ourselves well and took us to places that served good food, and clean accommodation. Eventhough there was some problem about the flight to Pokhara from Jomsom.

Arne and Julia

32: Mr Borneland X 04 Pax (Sweden).
Jomsom Muktinath Trekking with Rafting /Chitwan 26 Sep 2011.

Comments: Hello friends!

Mr Borneland X 04 Pax (Sweden)We've been home for almost three weeks and our memories of Nepal are still vivid. we can still feel the smell and the taste, see the crowds, vistas, temples, flags, stupas and colours, hear the birds, noise, language, chants and music of your wonderful country.

We can still relive the river rafting, the bus rides, the elephant ride, flights, sightseeing, rum filled evenings and last but not least trekking from Jomsom to Muktinath with Gyanendra.

we have watched all 2500 photos, and the our kids at least some of them, mainly those with rhinos, elephants, elephant dung...

As you can understand we are very pleased with the trip. We had wonderful weather, at least after the first day in Kathmandu, wonderful food, this was our first trip abroad with no bad food at all, wonderful rice wine, beer and Khukri... And we really want to come back again in the future.

Last night we had some Khukri, after a dal bhat supper, and it tasted good, if not as good as in Nepal.

Live long and prosper!

PS Give our regards to Ramkrishna, Achut and the Stig in the Merc... and Gyan.

Dear Mr Gyanendra !

It was a very nice stay in Nepal. I would like to thank you very much for your professional and, at the same time, very personal way of taking care of us- both during the trekking and the sight seeing in Kathmandu. Please send also my best regards to your brother who took care of us in Chitvan.

Namaste ! //Guje
Kjell borneland, Guje, Gabriel and Samuel

Jakub Annapurna trek33: Mr Jakub X 04 Pax (Poland+ Australia).
Annapurna Circuit Trekking 03 Oct 2011.


Comments: Jahmaika Crew aka Jola and Jakub, went to Nepal October 2011 for Annapurna Circuit Trekking. We spend 3 beautiful weeks in Himalayas Mountains and had there the time of our life's! In our walking group were two Australians girls and Spanish couple, two guides and three porters. It` s difficult to describe by words how amazing time we had there but I ll try.


From the first day we felt very welcome. Gyan, the Managing director, looked after us from the moment he picked us up from airport. Transferred to hotel, explained everything, made sure we have got everything what we need to be happy and enjoy the holidays. When we started trekking the guides were absolutely amazing, the knowledge about the mountains, the stories, advices, etc was just amazing. They were like guide, doctor, father, friend, masseur, in one person. When my partner had a problem with his knee one of the guides massaged his leg and he could walk again and didn't feel any pain.

Himalaya is spectacular place in the World! Every day walk let us discover it`s beauty, experience the culture, the food, meet very friendly Nepalis also other trekkers.

The whole company works very professional, I felt very safe there and happy. When we had an issue it was solved straight away, Nepalis are very flexible and they are there for you to keep you happy.

I have heard people saying they are coming back to this place and I was thinking I will not as in my opinion the World is so big so I must visit other places. I have changed my mind. I miss Himalaya, Nepalis and all experience very badly, it`s got a very special place in my heart and I will come back there for sure. just have to live it to understand!

Jakub, Jolanta, Jessica and Lucy. Jahmaika Crew

34: Ms Abad X 02 Pax (Spain).
Annapurna Circuit Trekking and Annaurna Base camp Trekking 03 Oct 2011.

Comments: "We got to know about your company while browsing the internet. The meeting and handling was great. The guide (Ramesh) and Porter were excellent. Meals and services during the trek and in hotels were great. Keep shining!"

Abad and Jose

35: Mr Terry X 02 Pax (USA).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 06 Oct 2011.

Comments: Hello Gyan, To all travelers seeking adventure,

Adventure Treks Nepal made our Nepal vacation one of the best. I found their email address and a recommendation in the Lonely Planet Nepal travel book. I wrote several companies but from the very start this company stood out from the others. We chose them and every day was perfect from the airport pickup to the accommodations to the actual treks. Good guides work for good companies and our guide and porter were the very best. In the remote areas such as the Annapurna Base Camp when most trekkers lack accommodation ,we had them. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable of everything concerning Nepal and both my wife and I learned so much . We fully enjoyed this trip . We will return to Nepal and when we do it will be Adventure Treks as our guide.

Terry and Susan Walker.

Mr Jakub X 04 Pax (Poland+ Australia)36: Mr Benjamin X 02 Pax (Austria).
Gokyo Valley Trekking 08 Oct 2011.

Comments: "All went really well. Adventure Treks Nepal's staff listened to what we wanted from our trek and discussed what they could offer. Compared to what we are used to, the services provided by the company, from the Finnish point of view felt like luxury. During our trip all went well and everything worked. Absolutely nothing to complain of!"

Fabro Benjamin and Thomas.


37: Mr Martin X 02 Pax (Sweitzarland).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 10 Oct 2011.

Mr Martin X 02 Pax (Sweitzarland).Comments: Dear Gyan,
We are thinking so much about our fantastic holiday we spent in Nepal. Your organization was just perfect and both the guides (Samgam & Bhuwan) very friendly and so helpful. We have sent Sangum some pictures as well. Hopefully we will have the chance to return very soon.

We wish you a happy festive season and a wonderful 2012.

All the best and warm regards,

Martin and Petra

38: Ms Janelle X 02 Pax (UK / New Zeland).
Annapurna Base camp Trekking 16 Oct 2011.

Comments: Me and a friend completed the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek and cultural tour of Kathmandu during October 2011. Gyan was a brilliant host and made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived. From the time we made our booking enquiry to the day we left Nepal everything was well organized, nothing was too much trouble and our individual needs were always catered for.

Our trekking guide Shambhu and porter Buddhi were both great. Shambhu was always happy to answer questions, his knowledge and experience was a definite plus. The itinerary was well paced, and we managed to cover a good amount of ground in the time we had. This is a great trek for someone's first trip to Nepal – it's a good mix of stunning scenery and interesting culture.

I would definitely recommend Adventure Treks Nepal !


United Kingdom

Comments: Janelle and I did the annapurna sanctuary trek with some sightseeing in Kathmandu in October.

We had a wonderful time and it was lovely to go to a new country and have all the details organised or us so that we did not have to worry about transport links or finding accommodation.

The sightseeing was well organised allowing us to see the recommended sights but also time to browse at our own pace and do our own exploring.

The trekking experience was amazing, and as we were not in a large group we could alter the itinerary to suit our progress and walk at the pace we wished. The scenery, people we met along the way and our brilliant guide and porter made it a trip I would thoroughly recommend and love to repeat.


39: Mr Jiri X 02 Pax (Swedish/Canadian).
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking + Tibet Everest Base camp 16 Oct 2011.

Comments: Guys here is promised Testimony - as we say better late than never.

What I wrote here I really ment. We had a great time in Himalayas and you help to make it even greater. I am not rulling out that we are going to call you and see you next year again. You did really great job!


Jiri & Jana

Decision how to organize our trip to Himalayas was million dollars question. My wife and I were traveling all of the corners of the world without to use once guided tour or to have guide anywhere.

However when I put together plan for the trip to Nepal and Tibet with two hikes: Annapurna and Mt. Everest it was clear to me that here we'd better to have some professional advice.

First I tried different adventure agency here in Toronto – Australian, British and Canadian but there was always some problem. Beside of cost it was mainly of complexity and uniqueness of the trip which no agency was able to accommodate.

Then while reading Lonely Planet "Nepal" I hit the section of "Local Trekking Agencies" and I have tried this route. I send e-mail to about half a dozen agencies and was waiting for response. Gyan Karki definitely over impressed me since his answer arrived following day while others wrote back in 2-3 days in the best. I presented my idea to Gyan and he provided itinerary including all of details at once.

This happened far too many times during this year prior the trip that I change over and over again the plan of the trip and there was always solution of the "challenge" from Gyan side.

At last in the beginning of October we left for Nepal and to my full satisfaction everything was organized and followed up to every little detail. While we were staying in Kathmandu between our individual trips Gyan visited us on daily basis inquired about our satisfaction and gave us daily updates.

For our Tibet trip we got Tibetan guy name Migmar who was not just pleasant companion but knowledgeable in history of Tibet and Buddhism generally.

After return to Kathmandu from Tibet/Mt.Everest on Tibetan side we were picked by border by Gyan's private Mercedes Benz – I am not entirely sure that Mercedes Benz is idea car for off road driving from the border to Kathmandu but it was Gyan's car not mine.

Our next trips suppose to be hike of Mt. Everest from Lukla. Unfortunately weather changed so badly that 5 days there were no flights to Lukla and the whole Airport was jammed with desperately waiting hiker.

I did not believe that weather in Mt. Everest will change in coming days so I called Gyan day before our planned departure to Mt. Everest and ask him about the change from Everest to Annapurna. And again here was Gyan with new arrangement for Annapurna for following day and on the top of everything with his best guy Gyanendra Karki as our private guide.

Needless to say Gyanendra did excellent job during our 12 days hike. He was taking care about every single detail of organization, motivation, planning and supervision in kitchen in different tea houses so we really did not have slightest stomach problems which can make your trip quite unpleasant.

What to say as summary? If you want to go Nepal and Tibet you'd better to have guide and somebody who cares about you. We found it in personalities of Gyan B. Karki and Gyanendra Karki and I was really happy to select Adventure Treks Nepal as our guiding angel. I wish everybody who will read my testimony will make same choice.

Jiri Vondrak (Sweden) & Jana Jirasek (Canada)

Thanks Guys – see you next year!

40: Mr Ulrich X 05 Pax (Germany+Canada+USA).
Chola Pass and Everest Base camp Trekking 17 Oct 2011.

Mr Ulrich X 05 Pax (Germany+Canada+USA)Comments: "Gokyo / Cho-la pass with Everest Base Camp with Adventure Treks Nepal is an awesome trip, great time, amazing landscape, perfect guide and great people. Just go !!"

Ulrich, Tobias, Halliday, Morgan and shannon



41: Ms Tanis X 05 Pax (Canada,Taiwan, Spain and Finnland).
Everest Base camp Trekking 17 Oct 2011.

Ms Tanis X 05 Pax (Canada,Taiwan, Spain and Finnland)Comments: In October of 2011 I had the pleasure of completing a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal with the company "Adventure Treks Nepal". From the moment that we began planning our trek the service was very professional. Our correspondence was by email and we always received prompt replies. Every attempt was made to accommodate our requests for certain dates and even for a specific guide. Once the plans were set, everything went just as planned. Once we were in Nepal, the tour director and tour guide were all very friendly and professional and communicated very easily in English.

Once we were on the trek we felt very safe. Our guide took very good care of us; he was always aware if someone was having difficulty and helped them out. In our group we ranged in age from 25 to 66 and he was able to manage us with different fitness levels. He gave us much information about the mountains and answered our questions about life in Nepal. He also had a good sense of humour and we laughed lots.

The trek is very reasonably priced; the teahouses we stayed in were comfortable and the food was very good. We were able to choose our meals from large menus to accommodate different tastes and appetites.

I would highly recommend "Adventure Treks Nepal" if you are planning a trip to Nepal. I will certainly use their services when I return to Nepal.

Patricia Denne
Canadian trekker

Tanis, Denne,Liukuo, Xabier and Janne,

42: Ms Ana Arda X 03 Pax (Portugal).
Ms Ana Arda X 03 Pax (Portugal)Annapurna Base camp Trekking with Chitwan National Park 22 Oct 2011.

Comments: "Very professional, clear instructions & on time - we were all very satisfied with the entire crew and had a wonderful time. Service was excellent everywhere and the quality of food varied. We had good drivers managing very difficult roads. Thanks for a wonderful experience in Nepal!"

Ana Arda, Maria and David



43: Mr Neil X 01 Pax (UK).
Chola Pass and Everest Base camp Trekking 22 Oct 2011.

Mr Neil X 01 Pax (UK).Comments: Excellent trip to Everest Base Camp and much more. Well organised and good value. I would certainly use Adventure Treks Nepal again".

The trip of a lifetime. Nepal will remain in the memory. Good trip and well organised."

Knowledgeable guides and well organised treks. Good value for money

Please could you send the attached e-mails to Jit with my best wishes."

Season's Greetings and best wishes from.

Neil Ritchie

44: Mr Jim X 02 Pax (Australia and Ireland).
Ghorepani Punhill Trekking. 24 Oct 2011.


Comments: Hi Gyan,

Good to hear from you again.

Let me please offer both Paddy and my thanks to you, our guide Lalite for your very well organised and enjoyable trek in the Annapurna ranges this year.

Both Paddy and I have some fantastic memories and photos of our trekking experience. It was wonderful to get a first-hand look at the way the locals are living in this beautiful part of the world and the scenery is some of the most spectacular I have ever seen.

I would like to extend a special word of thanks to our guide Lalite for his great care and attention to our wellbeing. He is a very patient and caring man, and I would be happy to trek with him again.

I would like finally to thank you Gyan, for your prompt service, organising our trek in advance of our arrival. Once we arrived you were a tremendous help to my father and me and helped to make our visit a very enjoyable one.

Thank you again for all of your help and I am sure that if we are trekking again in Nepal we will seek out your company's help.


Jim & Paddy.

45: Mr Marcel X 02 Pax (Canada).
Ghorepani Punhill Trekking 26 Oct 2011.

Mr Marcel X 02 Pax (Canada)Comments: It was Annapurna Panorama not Annapurna Circuit, I believe!

We chose Adventure Treks Nepal after a few email exchanges with its President, Gyan Karki, who answered all our questions, accepted all our modifications and gave enough details to convince us that Annapurna Panorama was all what we wanted. Whatever help and support had been promised was fulfilled with professionalism.

Our guide, Bhuwan Karki, was in a good shape, offered help without being asked, many times carrying on even our day backpack. He was a good leader offering informations about geography, history and culture of the places we visited.

Adventure Treks Nepal accepted all our program changes and tailored the trek upon our suggestions and estimated timing. We would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to undertaking such an initiative a few of our age would dare to execute.

Doina, 61 and Marcel Carabineanu, 65 years old.

46: Mr Simon X 03 Pax (UK and Canada).
Everest Base camp Trekking 12 Nov 2011.

Comments: Dear Gyan,

Namaste ! Apologies we have been meaning to write to you for a while however things have been busy since we got back to London… although the memories of the mountains still live on !

We cannot thank you enough for making our dream of reaching Everest Base Camp come true, which was made all the more rewarding by your ability to find a way to get us there within our tight timescale despite the adverse weather which grounded Kathmandu-Lukla flights for a number of days.

We were very impressed with the personal level of service you gave, in particular being flexible to suit Client's needs, and we felt we had your full support from the pick up at Kathmandu airport to the drop off at the end. All your staff also provided an excellent service and we would like to thank our guide Ramesh for making our trip very enjoyable.

We will without doubt recommend others to get in touch with you if they come to Nepal.

Ps please make Jit a guide soon!

Best wishes

Simon, Meg and Kwok

47: Wildgunabana / Mr Aly Ei Leithy X 01 Pax (Egypt).
Everest Base camp Trekking 03 Nov 2011.

I tracked with Adventure Treks Nepal to Base Camp and had a great time.
The guide were super helpful with everything.

Pre arranged all the tea houses, meals, permissions, flights - basically everything we needed to focus on making it up there and enjoy myself.


48: Mr Brian X 08 Pax (Canada).
Kali Gandaki Trekking and Chitwan National Park 05 Nov 2011.

We just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU from us all for all your hard work in arranging the trip for us. We had a fantastic time in Nepal - thank you again for everything.

49: Mr Paul X 02 Pax (British).
Sarankot Trekking 08 Nov 2011.

Mr Paul X 02 Pax (British)Comments: Adventure Treks Nepal took care of everything from collecting us,booking flight tickets,accomodation,porter and guide and dropping us back at the airport for our return flights home. A very professional service.

Paul and Julie,




50: Mr John (Jill) X 02 Pax (Australia).
Helambhu Trekking 06 Nov 2011.

Comments: Thank you for all the hard work you put into our trip. The Helambu Trek was brilliant – much quieter than the more popular ones and the scenery and culture was amazing. We loved the villages we went through and stayed in – the people were so friendly and because there were so few tourists, we felt it was a much more authentic experience.. Both the guide and porter were excellent – we felt well taken care of at all times.

Thank you so much for changing our hotels and for all the work you did for us both before and during the trip. I'd definitely recommend your company to friends who are thinking of coming to your beautiful country; you really looked after us well at all stages of our trip.

My very best wishes to you for the New Year and I hope business is good for you in 2012,


Jill (John) and Susan,

51: Ms Nina X 02 Pax (Germany).
Langtang Valley Trekking 06 Nov 2011.

Comments: Namaste!
Sehr geehrter Herr Karki,
für die Planung und Durchführung unserer 08 tägigen Trekking Tour vom 06 Nov um das Langtang Valley durch Ihre Agentur, bedanken wir uns sehr herzlich.

Bereits nach unserer ersten Anfrage fiel uns die Professionalität der Bearbeitung unserer doch recht individuellen Reisewünsche auf. Wir wurden nicht enttäuscht. Ein ausgezeichnet ausgearbeiteter Trekking Plan, ein zuvorkommender Führer und ein zuverlässiger Träger ließen die Tour zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis werden. Wir fühlten uns von Ihnen und Ihrem Team von unserer Ankunft bis zu unserer Abreise in Kathmandu bestens betreut.

Jedem Nepal Reisenden können wir mit gutem Gewissen Ihre Agentur empfehlen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen persönlich und Ihrem Unternehmen Adventure Treks Nepal (P). Ltd. für die Zukunft alles Gute.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Nina and Heinecke,

52: Ms Smits X 02 Pax (Holland).
Bardia National park 07 Nov 2011.

Comments: My Husband and we have had a very nice time with you. They told us a lot about the history of this country and the culture and religion. Every question became answered. Absolutely great. Thank you!


53: Mr Leo X 10 Pax (Hongkong China).
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking with Chitwan national Park 18 Nov 2011.

Mr Leo X 10 Pax (Hongkong China)Comments: Thanks for your everlasting patience and flexibility when we needed a stop for a tea break, take a picture or even wanted to change our route.

All was possible with you and also anything could be arranged. Super! We also liked your company as a guide and person a lot during (and after) our trekking.

Again thank you so much for everything !

Lai Yu Hin Mr, Poon Shui Fong Ms, Lam Ming Lim Mr, Kwok wai Ling Ms, Chan Kin Hong Mr, Chan Ling Amy Ms, Lau Yuen Ying Ms, Wong wai Ting Ms, Cheng Sau Ping Ms and Cheung Chi Pui.

54: Ms Dominika X 04 Pax (Poland,Ireland, British and Brazil).
Everest Base camp & Gokyo Valley Trekking 12 Nov 2011.

Comments: "Choosing Adventures Treks Nepal was not an easy job. First because there were hundreds of agencies and all of then had pretty much the same offer..

I could spend countless words saying why someone should choose Gyan and his team (dedication, hospitality, organization, safety, professionalism etc) but the real difference was his capability to fly the group to EBC trek. We spent three days going to the airport (and coming back to the hotel due to the bad weather condition) and we were almost giving up as many groups when he arranged helicopters.

Dominika, Jonathan,Connor and Marcel.

55:Nakatani X 02 Pax (Brazil)
Everest Chola Pass Trekking 06 Dec 2011.

Comments: Dear Gyan and all Adventure Family,

Our trip to Nepal was truly an adventure. The trip was such a success, we will certainly consider a future trip to Nepal with Adventure Treks Nepal. Thank you for such a great adventure!

Your friends,

Mr Nakatani,

56: Christian X 02 Pax (Germany)
Annapurna Circuit Trekking 12 Dec 2011.

Comments: Hi Gyan and Ramesh, Just wanted to say the biggest thank you for your helpfulness, fantastic organization, kindness and one of the best memories of our lives! We really enjoyed our trek and we'll surely come back for more and use your company. The service we received was second to none and we are still moved by your kindness and personal touches. The knowledge of the people, the country and the land was extremely comprehensive, the days were fun and flexible and the 'roasties' and chicken were the best ever eaten. And best of all, in the end we did see some mountains! great service.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hopefully see you again soon.


57: Sara X 02 Pax (Denmark)
Annapurna Ghorepani Trekking 14 Dec 2011.

Sara X 02 Pax (Denmark)Comments: We currently just finished our visit to Nepal in Dec through your agency. We had a great time in Nepal and We would like to say a big thank you to you! We would also like to express our appreciation to the guide Gyanendra.






58: Tom X 02 Pax (USA+Australia)
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 22 Dec 2011.

Tom X 02 Pax (USA+Australia)

Comments: We visited Nepal in Dec (Annapurna Base Camp Trekking) with Adventure Treks Nepal. We had an outstanding guide and couldn't have asked for better driver, thoroughly enjoyed their company. Hotels given to us were outstanding. You provided great service. We will definitely pass on your company information to our friends who plan to visit Nepal.




59: Francesco X 02 Pax (Italy)
Annapurna Ghorepani and Chitwan National park 24 Dec 2011.

Comments: We would lke to thank you very much Adventure Treks Nepal who organized our Ghorepani Trekking and Chitwan National Park trip and always being their for us for our trip. your services and friendliness was outstanding. and we would especially like to thank our guide Bhuwan for all he has done for us on our trek. thank you all for a trip we will fondly remember for the rest of our life.

60: Giorgio X 02 Pax (Italy)
Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 26 Dec 2011.

Caro Gyan, ti ringrazio ancora per il tuo valido appoggio al nostro giro in mustang.La tua cortesia, puntualita,tempestivita,ci hanno reso particolarmente gradito il trek e i soggiorni vari.

Ancora grazie e a presto. Giorgio.

61: Oswlad X 02 Pax (USA)
Everest Chola Pass Trekking and Chitwan National park 22 Dec 2011.

We greatly appreciate the exceptional service of Gyan and all the crew at adventure treks. This was the best group tour we have ever taken. Everything was perfectly organized and everyone helped out above and beyond. For the price I was amazed at all we were able to do. We did ABC and Gokyo treks including the cho la pass in dead of winter. We also took a 3 day safari in Chitwan. All guides, porter , and drivers were outstanding and went above and beyond what was expected every day. When we return to the area we will definitly be contacting Gyan.


"It is not very easy to Choose a Trekking Company because there are more then one thousand trekking companies in Nepal. We have some feed back from our past clients. If you like to contact them we are happy to forward their details"

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