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References 2005

Client Reference

01. Ulla Ms 01 Pax
(Culture Tour in Kathmandu & Pokhara March 2005 From Germany)

It was a Life time trip for me because of all the experience. Keep it up !

02. Guek Tin Low Ms, Koo Hong Lee Mr, Ban Hup Lee Mr & Han Lee Lee Ms. 04 Pax.
(Ghorepani Poonhill Trek,Rafting + Chitwan National Park

Comments: "Adventure Treks Nepal organized our Trek & Chitwen National Trip, They provided a much greater level of service. The client to sherpa ration was higher, the equipment top notch and the food better. We will trek again with him in the future and recommend him highly"
(September 2005)

Rick Bell03. Rick Bell 01 Pax.
3852 West Second Ave. Vancover, BC V6R 1K2.
Tel: 604-261-1396: November 2005
(Annapurna Circuit Trekking October 2005 From Canada)

Comments: "The Advantages of Small Group Trekking with Adventure Treks Nepal"

When I contacted your firm, I was looking for a flexible itinerary because I was not sure how my body would respond to the high altitude in Thorung La Pass. I was particularly concerned (given that I have never ventured far from sea level) about the need to "push on" in a group setting, in spite of AMS.

As it turned out, my decision to do the Annapurna Circuit alone (with the help of your guide and porter) was fortuitous. As we approached the Pass, we encountered many disappointed trekkers making their way down the mountain…turned back by 10 feet of snow. My guide, porter and I decided not to risk being held up with continued bad weather …with no time left for Muktinath, Kagbeni and all of the other attractions on the west side of the Pass.

We decided to turn back, get a quick taxi to Birethani and try to complete the Annapurna Base Camp trek and the Jomsom trek in the remaining time. Thanks to the hard work and good planning of your guide and porter, we completed both and had great time doing it. It was very strenuous for me …I can't imagine how difficult it was for the porter carrying 60 lbs of my gear!

I am sure that people who have never trekked before will be tempted to go with a big group. My recommendation is to use the services of your firm for a customized approach that bigger companies simply cannot match.

Best of luck as you develop your camping itineraries. I am looking forward to seeing them on your website.

Rick Bell
3852 West Second Ave. Vancover, BC V6R 1K2.
Tel: 604-261-1396

04. Ricardo Lins Mr & Anna Paula Lins Ms. 02 Pax.
(Culture Tours + Everest Base Camp Tibet + Culture Tours Oct 2005 From Brazil (USA)

Comments:This trip most gratitude for lifelong memories and the highlights of a life". Keep it Adventure Treks Nepal.

05. Walter Tezzele Mr & Rosanna Trentini Ms. 02 Pax.
(Dhaulagiri Oct 2005 from Italy)

Comments: "Very Good Trip"

06. Huxford Ulleri Ms & Friend 02 Pax.
(Jomsom Muktinath Trekking Oct 2005. Australia + British)

This Jomsom Muktinath trek was fantastic ! you must be congratulated on running a first class enterprise. Great staff they worked so hard to make our trip successfull and I was very impressed with my guide & Porter"

Veronese Elena Ms, Giasone Sandro Mr, Acquadro Carlo Mr, Faccio Gabriella (Late) Ms & Faccio Giulia Ms07. Veronese Elena Ms, Giasone Sandro Mr, Acquadro Carlo Mr, Faccio Gabriella (Late) Ms & Faccio Giulia Ms 05 Pax. (Annapurna Circuit Trekking Oct 2005 From Italy)

Veronese Elena Ms, Giasone Sandro Mr, Acquadro Carlo Mr, Faccio Gabriella (Late) Ms & Faccio Giulia Ms (Annapurna Circuit Trekking Oct 2005 From Italy)

Sono oramai due anni che trascorriamo le nostre vacanze effettuando trekking in Nepal; abbiamo usufruito dei servizi dell'agenzia Adventure Treks Nepal (P). Ltd. con piena soddisfazione di tutti i partecipanti; non solo gli itinerari, i lodges, i portatori, sono stati di alto livello, ma soprattutto fra la nostra guida, Bhuwan (che tra l'altro sta continuando a studiare italiano e puo essere quindi molto utile a chi non padroneggia la lingua inglese) e l'organizzatore Gyan Karki, si e instaurato un rapporto direi di amicizia.

L'attenzione alle necessita di ogni singolo partecipante (il primo anno ha partecipato con il nostro piccolo gruppo un amico di 72 anni!!) e sempre stata ammirevole; l'organizzazione, dall'arrivo in aeroporto alla partenza, comprese le visite alla splendida vallata di Kathmandu, perfetta.

Il Nepal, per chi come noi ama le montagne, e un Paese meraviglioso e merita ben piu di un viaggio; la Adventure Treks Nepal (P). Ltd. ci fa desiderare ogni volta di ritornare a scoprire altri itinerari. E infatti nell'ottobre del 2005 abbiamo gia organizzato quello che e forse uno dei piu bei trek del Nepal, il grande circuito dell'Annapurna.

Siamo certi che anche questa volta sara tutto organizzato alla perfezione. Lavoro da tanti anni nel settore turistico e assicuro che raramente un corrispondente non si presta a critiche: ma in questo caso non posso che ringraziare tutti i componenti dell'Adventure Treks Nepal per la loro professionalita, che si trasforma nella completa soddisfazione dei partecipanti.

E' con molto piacere quindi che mando questa lettera e resto a disposizione di chiunque mi voglia contattare per condividere questa meravigliosa esperienza nepalese.

Grazie ancora a tutti e arrivederci al prossimo anno!

Elena Veronese
Via Borgomanero 18 – 10145 Torino

Marfori Alejandro08. Marfori Alejandro Mr. 01 Pax.
(Ghorepani Poonhill November 2005 from philipins)

Comments: "I spent one week trekking with Adventure Treks Nepal. I can't imagine a better way to see Nepal. Guide Always constant concern for my safety and comfort allowed me the freedom to get to know Nepal and Nepalese Culture. So Adventure Treks Nepal is the best!"




09. Peder Skaj Mr. 01 Pax.
(Everest Base Camp + Culture Tour with Chitwan National Park, November 2005 From Sweden).

Comments: "In the fall of 2005 I went on a 23 day trek in the Khumbu with Guide from Adventure Treks Nepal. I had nothing to worry about with Guide. He and his wonderful team tended to our many needs and wants with flexibility and competency. All went exceedingly well. We highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal."

10. Juha kalevi Nurminen Mr. 01 Pax.
(Ghorepani Poonhill + Chitwan National Park Decamber 2005. From Sweden)

Comments: I would lke to thank Adventure Treks Nepal who organized my trip and always being their for me for my trip. your services and friendliness was outstanding. and i would especially like to thank my guide Bhuwan for all he has done for me on my trek. thank you all for a trip i will fondly remember for the rest of my life.

11. Romany Page Ms. 01 Pax.
( Ghorepani Poonhill Decamber 2005 From Uk)

Comments: Hi Mr Karki,
I would like to thank you very much for making our trek an unforgettable experience. I can also thank you on behalf of my friends, who were together with me on this trip.

You have set the standards very high in terms of customer satisfaction and we were very impressed with your professionalism.

12. Bjorkenor Lena Margarita Ms, Karlgren Bengt Hugo Mr & Oskamp Cornelis Jan Mr. 03 Pax.
(Nepal Culture Tour + Tibet Tour October 2005 from Sweden)

Comments: Dear Mr. Karki, 03 of us We just wanted to thank you and your company for providing us with an experience of a lifetime. Our guide Tashi in Tibet were brilient and after tibet the days which we had passed in Nepal all are memorable. Keep it up !

13. Claes Kvist Mr, Eva Onell Mrs & Clara Onell Ms. 03 Pax.
(Ghandruk Trek + Culture Tour November 2005 from Sweden).

Namaste !

We really enjoyed the trip. All was really spectacular. The view was amazing and the foods really loop. All the people were friendly and welcomed us so we really had an unforgettable time.


14. Marro Claudio & Raso Alessandro Mr. 02 Pax.
(Annapurna Base Camp November 2005 From italy.)

Comments: Namaste! Every body at Adventure Treks Nepal,

This was by far the best trip I have ever taken in my life. Every single detail was perfect and very well organized. This was our first trip to Nepal and it is definitely not our last as I look forward to bring more friend next time we come over. We wish we had a little more time, but the last 7 days with you guys have been amazing.

Thanks to both of you for taking care of us as a member of your own family and I really appreciate it.

Take care and best wishes,


Kjell Borneland Mr, Bettina Tina Hoijer Ms, Tom Sojeberg Mr, Charlotta Andersson Ms., Sten Rystedt Mr & Ingela Rystedt Ms15. Kjell Borneland Mr, Bettina Tina Hoijer Ms, Tom Sojeberg Mr, Charlotta Andersson Ms., Sten Rystedt Mr & Ingela Rystedt Ms. 06 Pax.

(Culture Tour in Kathmandu,Rafting,Pokhara,Bungy Decamber 2005 from Sweden)
Comment: Always wonderful to travel with you.











16. Suibo YU Mr. 01 Pax.
(Everest Base Camp July 2005 From China)

Comments: It was very good trip and little bit difficult.

Stefan Morin Mr.17. Stefan Morin Mr. 01 Pax.
(Everest Base Camp June 2005 From Sweden)

"You can think my feeling when I was at the Kalapatter in 64 Years" Thank you adventure !















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