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ABODE in the heart of the vast Himalayan region, but little known to the outside world just being wedged between giant neighbors and secluded by some of the highest mountain ranges. A Hidden in the mighty Himalayas, between India and China, the independent Bhutanese people have largely lived a life of totally isolation from the world. They have succeed in maintaining their cultural and spiritual heritage preserved in age-old traditions.

Bhutan-the last paradise on the earth reflects age-old religion, culture, arts & architecture in its golden peaks in the background of deep green valley and hillside. Bhutan exudes a special a feeling of calm and serenity, which envelops each the very instant they set foot in the Kingdom. People are deeply religious following the Mahayana form of Buddhism. The air of spirituality is evident, even in the urban centers where the spinning of prayer wheels the murmur of mantras and the glow of butter lamp in the houses are still important feature of everyday life. Monastery, temples and religious monuments are doted across the landscape, bearing witness to the importance of Buddhism. Different age of monks are everywhere in Bhutan.

Bhutan is very rich at Himalayan flora and fauna. Nearly three quarters of the total area covered by Jungle. Snow-capped peaks lush valleys and unbelievably beautiful rural landscapes imprint themselves upon the mind forever. We heartily welcome you to join one of our tours to explore the country.

Adventure Treks is specialist in Bhutan tours make so adventurous journey to the world of Dragen - Bhutan. So easy and so affordable through its various fascinating packages tours to any part of Bhutan.You are most welcome to join some one of our tours and experience it.

All Tourists desire of traveling in to Bhutan must book package tours through a local travel agent. Entire tariff are fixed by Tourism Authority of Bhutan, which covers travelers all meals, accommodations, transport, guides. This is done in order to keep the number of tourists on the level, which does not effects the natural environment or the life style of the Nation.


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